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Has Arı Metal
Has Arı Metal
Has Arı Metal

Our Recycling Project.

Regarding the project of disassembly of garbage applied in common with the Municipality of Akşehir, the recycling villages were crowded with crowded streets. Akşehir Municipality, and HAS ARI METAL put the recycling piggybacks into various points of the city under the name of ""Solid Waste Management Project" in order to ensure that the city is a cleaner habitable city. There are 4 separate compartments in the pyramids, which are made of glass plastic metal and paper. We also recycle the collected wastes from the houses and provide them to the environment, economy and Akşehir.

We produce waste.

In order to use natural resources efficiently, these wastes should be collected separately, properly collected, separated and recycled without first being mixed with garbage. Packaging wastes are collected separately at their source, separated according to their type, then returned to the recycling industry and the economy is restored in different ways. In other words, our lives are included again.
The car bumper from the shampoo bottle we threw in the trash.
Milk cartons, furniture such as tables, cupboards and so on.
Aluminum beverage containers from the aircraft body.